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Butterfield Color Decorative Concrete Products
Mix Designs
Pre-Cast Block
Mini-Landscape Blocks

Page DividerButterfield Color® Decorative Concrete Products

We're pleased to offer Butterfield Color® engineered concrete performance products. Click the photos below to view their informative brochures!
Butterfield Perma Cast
Butterfield Select Grade
Perma-Cast® Antiquing Release or Select Grade™ Antiquing Release is dusted over the surface of freshly colored concrete flatwork before stamping or texturing. The release powder prevents the tool from sticking to the concrete surface during installation and provides a secondary accent of colors.

Please Note: Colors we now have IN STOCK include:

Dark Walnut, Gray Plum, Storm Gray, Colina Tan,
Walnut, Smoke, and Deep Charcoal.

Looking for a color not in stock? We can order ANY COLOR listed in the the PDF GUIDE by request. Give us a call at (707) 923-2820 with any questions or orders you have. Thanks!

Select Grade™ Integral Concrete Colorant is an economical pre-measured pigment for integrally coloring ready mixed concrete and all manufactured concrete products during batching.

Conforming to ASTM Standard C979 (Standard Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete), it is a blend of non-fading, synthetic iron oxides.

Select Grade™ Integral Concrete Colorant is suitable for integrally colored concrete projects of all types.

Superior quality control during manufacturing and packaging help to ensure your jobs will have uniform color from load-to-load.

The PDF color charts linked to above are to demonstrate range of colors available and are not
to be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display.

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Page DividerMix Designs

These are the basic mix designs that 80% of our jobs require. We can mix many different other designs to reach your specific goals. Please call the office to talk about your jobs specific needs.  All prices are quoted by phone based on delivery distance and how many sac of Portland cement.

Mix Designs

2 sac   sand 1000psi+
2sac 2 aggregate 1500psi+
5 sac 3 aggregate 2500psi+ (boom truck pump mix)
5 ½ sac 3 aggregate 3000psi+ (boom truck pump mix)
5 ½ sac 3 aggregate 2800psi+ (line pump mix & boom truck pump mix)
6 sac 3 aggregate 3500psi+ (line pump mix & boom truck pump mix)
6 sac 2 aggregate 3000psi+ (line pump mix & boom truck pump mix)
6 ½ sac 3 aggregate  4000psi+ (line pump mix & boom truck pump mix)
7.18 sac 3 aggregate 5000psi+ (line pump mix & boom truck pump mix)
(3 aggregate = 3/4” 3/8” and sand mix)

(2 aggregate = 3/8” and sand mix)


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Page DividerPre-Cast Block

2’H x 2’W x 6’L block       $50 each
2’H x 2’W x 3’L block       $25 each
1’H x 2’W x 6’L block       $25 each
1’H x 2’W x 3’L block       $25 each

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Page DividerMini-Landscape Blocks

Mini Landscape Blocks

Features and Options:

~ Easy to install interlocking blocks
~ Rock face textured for added apeal
~ Easy to stain
~ Tapered blocks for building curved wall
~ Build terraced retaining walls
~ Blocks available for all applications
~ Top blocks, full, half corner, and step blocks


1’H x 2’W x 2’D      $25 each
1’H x 1’W x 2’D      $20 each











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