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We specialize in delivering ready-mix concrete and rock products to Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino counties. We're located just one mile west of Garberville, CA on Sprowel Creek Road.

Since 1965 our family owned and operated business has provided river rock and quarry rock products to a variety of businesses and private clients with experienced advice, top quality products, and personalized service. We can deliver almost any type of gravel, sand, concrete mixes, or specifically sized quantities of river rock or quarry commodities to your job site, project staging area, or right to your door. In addition, our new soils yard also carries a variety of bulk soil and compost materials, available by the square yard. Take a moment and browse through our web site and see what we have to offer.

Contact us anytime about our products or to get advice about your needs at (707) 923-2820, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Randal Sand and Gravel

How To Calculate The Cubic Yards You Need?

Quantities of material for a particular job are generally calculated by cubic yards. They're priced and sold by the ton however, which, depending on the type of product needed varies as to how many cubic yards a given ton contains. In general sand and stone weigh approximately 1.5 tons per cubic yard of material, though this can vary quite a bit depending on the particular materials being used. Once you calculate the amount of material (in cubic yards) you require for a job we can advise you as to how many tons the type of material you wish to use weighs.

Let's Do The Math...

Determining the the cubic yards (i.e. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet (3'x3'x3') or a job is easy with the simple formulas below. There are online calculators that can also help you do this (see links at bottom of page), but the math is very simple, and understanding the basics for yourself is always a good thing to know.

First convert your required fill depth in inches to fractions of a foot in this graph:

1"    2"    3"    4"    5"    6"    7"    8"    9"    10"    11"    12"

.08  .16  .25   .33  .42  .50   .58   .67   .75   .83    .92    1.0

    Calculating Cubic Yards for Square / Rectangular Areas:

Length x Width x Depth (all expressed in feet) = cubic feet divided by 27 = cubic yards.

Example:  A 25-foot by 40-foot rectangular area, 4 inches deep:

The equation should be: 25' x 40' x .33 = 330 cubic feet divided by 27 = 12.22 cubic yards.

     Calculating Cubic Yards for Circular Areas:

Radius squared x 3.14 (Pi) x depth (all expressed in feet) = cubic feet divided by 27 = cubic yards.

NOTE: Remember the "radius" is 1/2 of the diameter!)

Example:  A 50-foot diameter circular area, 4 inches deep:

The equation should be:  25' x 25' x 3.14 x .33 = 648 cubic feet divided by 27 = 24 cubic yards.

A Few Online Calculators:

Volume (Rectangular or Circular Area) Cubic Yard & Tonnage: http://www.con-strux.com/calculate.html

Materials Calculator (Mulch, Compost, Soil, Sand): http://homestakelandscape.com/calculator.html

Aggregate Calculator - (Tons, Select by Geology): http://www.willsand.com/calculator/aggregate/index.htm


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