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Truck Time

Bobtail (3-axle truck) $135/hr.                  Transfer (5-axle truck) $160/hr. - Pictured below.  
RSG Truck Time

After deciding the material that you need the next step is how to get it to your project. The basic consideration when thinking about costs is time and material. Time is based on the delivery (size of truck, distance from the yard) material is the cost of the product in the yard.  

Depending on how much you need there are many different options. One is to drive your pickup into the gravel yard and either shovel it in or have one of the loaders put the material into your pickup bed.  The other is to have the material delivered by us or other trucking companies.

When ordering material over the phone, the normal “load” of material is delivered by a three axel truck, with a net load of approximately 12.5 tons.  There is also the five axel truck and trailer called a transfer, this will allow for longer distance deliveries with cheaper costs of deliveries.

Talk to one of our dispatchers about where it’s going to and we will figure out the best and cheapest way to deliver your material.

There are some variables that need to be considered when purchasing material from us or any other place that sells material in bulk. Every truck has a different tare weights (empty truck) and most three axel trucks have a gross weight capacity of 46,500 lb. (five axel trucks can gross up to 80,000lbs).

Also when loading the material with a wheel loader it is hard to hit the gross target weight capacity of the truck. We try to get the maximum amount of legal weight in every load. On average three axel trucks will net 12.5 tons, transfers will average 20-23.5 tons. This can be a little confusing when receiving the bill, so breaking it down will hopefully help.

Gross weight: (truck and material)
Tare weight: (truck weight) subtract tare from gross to = net material weight
Net weight: (material weight)

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